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If the characters from Arrow were Jeopardy contestants, what would their best categories be?

Oliver - geography, martial arts…archery (might be a bit odd for a Jeopardy category but I couldn’t leave it out)…maybe foreign cultures/languages?…alcohol

Felicity - anything tech related obviously… probably something happy like animals or animation…maybe Shakespeare (remember one of her first conversations with Oliver?)…she’d probably be the best at the random general knowledge stuff.

Diggle - anything army-related or weapons-related…health/medicine…probably typical stuff like cars and sports that you’d expect a big tough guy to be into.

Thea - art, fashion, alcohol

Laurel - law

Any suggestions?

Who else wants to see Felicity and Diggle tell each other that they’re the brother/sister they never had?

Who do you think would walk Felicity down the aisle?

1. Diggle (more likely he’d be Oliver’s best man)
2. Quentin (this would probably be quite touching)
3. Walter (this too)
4. Felicity’s father (a long shot but you never know, he could show up and not be a villain and they could reconcile)
5. Someone else
6. Nobody

I’m going with Quentin.

Arrow future wishlist of things that are unlikely but would be awesome

1. Green Arrow and Batman team up on a case, and Felicity helps them from the Batcave.